Rhonda Whittaker

Pranic Healing is very gentle and has been proven highly effective in improving life in a myriad of ways.

Experience . . .

Pain Relief, Improved Energy, Better Digestion, Elimination and Breathing
Improved Self Esteem, Heightened Mental Clarity, Focus, Self-Expression, More

The National Institute of Health website (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19175256) says this about it, “Pranic healing is a science and art of healing that treats the energy body, which interpenetrates and controls the physical body, mind and emotions. When Pranic healing is applied, the molecular structure of liquid and dense states of matter can be altered significantly to create positive outcomes, as revealed through research.”


About Rhonda

Rhonda is clear that whatever healing takes place, is between God and the client. Rhonda is just the vehicle. Receptive Pranic Healing Clients draw in the DIVINE ENERGY perfect for them. As a trained facilitator with internal and external anatomy knowledge, Rhonda is acutely aware of healing signals, and can respond quickly and appropriately to each client’s specific healing needs.

Ever passionate about healing, Rhonda has many tools in her toolbox and has been meditating for the majority of her life. In addition to Pranic Healing, she is skilled in Reiki, CranioSacral and Myofascial Release, Clinical Massage, Active Isolated Stretching, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Zero Balancing. Rhonda has found Pranic Healing to be the most powerful; to work in the shortest amount of time.

Rhonda’s heart is full when her Pranic Healing work alleviates suffering and promotes happiness. Her clients have experienced feeling lighter, more clarity, greater joy, pain diminished, emotional stress relief, negative bracing patterns released, peaceful sleep, chaotic thoughts decreased, muscle tension relief, uplifted moods and lives truly transformed.

Rhonda’s mission is to always serve others for their highest good.

Learn more about Pranic Healing: https://pranichealing.com

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